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Josh April 13, 2010 18:28

How can I set the edge parameters so that they override the part mesh setup?
Hi all -

I've managed to create a structured mesh over a blade-to-blade turbine cascade region, shown below. However, I cannot seem to specify the domain as two-dimensional. I use Blocking > Pre-Mesh Params > Edge Params and specify the z-directional edges as two nodes in width (for two-dimensionality).

However, even when I do, I end up with three nodes, as shown in the second picture.

I know this is because the Mesh > Part Mesh Setup is interfering with the results for the following reason. Right now, my max size for all the parameters is 5 mm. However, when I change it to 10 mm, the z-directional edges have only two nodes, like I specified!

I know I could avoid using the Part Mesh Setup, but I need it as I want an inflated boundary layer on the turbine blades.

Is there anyway to use both and still have a two-node (i.e. two-dimensional) thickness?

PSYMN April 16, 2010 13:33

Hexa blocking is a separate layer... It should only check the parameters you set on the geometry when you first ask it to update the sizes... After that, interactively set edge parameters rule... However, if you go back and "Update Sizes" again, it will go and check the geometry and reset the sizes on the edges... Is that what is happening?

You should only use the "Update Sizes" if you want it to replace all your edge params... Actually, there are options so it can just update the counts or the distribution if you don't want a complete update...


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