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Andy QUB April 15, 2010 10:20

Prisms for boundary layer mesh of turbine blade
Hello all,

I am attempting to create a tetra mesh for the passage of a wind turbine blade. The initial mesh I am creating seems to work fine (good quality etc). But when I attempt to grow prisms to capture the boundary layer my quality seems to plummet! The worst areas are along the leading and trailing edges of the blade. Presumably this is due to the sharp angles?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


PSYMN April 16, 2010 12:05

Prism quality...
The ICEM CFD Prism quality metric is quite harsh (behind the scenes it subdivides each prism into 3 tetras and gives you the worst quality of the three... A perfectly orthogonal and equilateral prism would divide into some pretty ugly tetras...). In other words, you shouldn't expect a 0.3... Instead, anything over 0.01 is probably good for prisms. Zoom in on some of the bad prisms and take a look... Do they look ok?

If they don't look ok, maybe post a pic...

Also, don't smooth the prisms... Smooth your tetras with the Penta-6 elements Frozen... If you are sure you want to try and smooth your prisms, make sure you set the "upto" very low (like 0.01) and just do a few iterations. Other wise it can really mesh them up...

Best regards,


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