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salzini April 15, 2010 13:24

How to ICEM 12 outputs *.CFX5 file?
I'm working on ICEM 11 tutorial and I should export ICEM 12's mesh to CFX.

I already selected [CFD++] for [Output -> select solver -> Output Solver pull down menu] but can't find such format options in File menu. :confused:

And It seemes ICEM 12 doesn't familiar with CFX anymore. (maybe not...I think :rolleyes:)

Is there easy way to interconnect ICEM 12 with CFX? :(

PSYMN April 16, 2010 12:07

No problem...
The last icon in the output tab is to write out to your selected solver (don't go back to the file menu, that is just for dumping the mesh).

CFX was aquired by ANSYS inc 7 years ago... So since then versions of CFX are listed as "ANSYS CFX", which puts them higher on the list alphabetically.


salzini April 17, 2010 03:32

Yes, it works!

I was selected CFD++, but that was my miss reading of its manual.

Thanks. :)

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