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vagmakr April 19, 2010 11:56

How to treat a multiblock mesh from Tecplot
Hello to everyone.

I imported a multiblock mesh from tecplot to ICEM.

Is there a way to smooth it but to keep some nodes on a specific block on their positions?

I know the smooth globally button but can i just pick some elements to stay in their starting positions?

Thank you in advance

PSYMN April 20, 2010 10:15

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I assume you are talking about unstructured mesh (not multiblock structured) because you want to freeze specific elements.

One way to do it is to lock the nodes... (under Edit Mesh => Move Nodes). This will work with any of the unstructured smoothers.

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You probably shouldn't be using the global smoother with hexa mesh, it works, but it is not as effective as it is for tetra/prism mesh. On the other hand, the same smoothing algorthms are available under "Repair mesh" but can be applied to selected elements (not globally), so you might want tor try that.

You could try the Orthogonality smoother but it has been improving over the years, so your level of success may be dependent on your version ;).

One last thing to mention... When you import a mesh, it doesn't have the projection information needed to smooth it well (which nodes are on curves, which are on surfaces, etc.) You really should try the "Edit (menu) => Mesh to Facets" and build in sharp features so you get a geometry and the mesh is associated with it before you smooth. You can check for this by turning on nodes as dots (right click on the mesh branch of the model tree); if you only see Cyan (blue) dots, you are not yet associated. If you are importing a geometry separately (not extracting it from the mesh) you can associate the mesh with the geometry under Edit Mesh => Repair Mesh => Build Mesh Topology...

You can also convert your imported mesh back into a blocking file if you want to edit and smooth that way...

vagmakr April 20, 2010 11:46

Thank you for your time
Thank you for the immidiate answer but i really want to do the job in a Multiblock structured mesh, the reason is that some specific nodes in my problem should have an exact position and a different BC.

Is there a way to keep some of them still and just smooth all the others ?

PSYMN April 20, 2010 12:55

For structured MultiBlock, we don't really provide direct control over individual elements, however, we can freeze a vertex (corner of a multiblock) and we can freeze entire blocks or faces... Those options should be available when in an appropriate multiblock smoother...

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