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justincase April 22, 2010 22:36

Ansys 12 Workbench 2D surface question
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Hello all,

Sorry for the simple question but I'm transitioning from Gambit to Workbench.

I'm trying to create a very simple 2D model with two rectanglar faces of different size.

Normally in Gambit I would create two faces and split the faces to connect the two faces.

My Workbench problem.
1. I can create a 2D rectangle from a sketch, create a surface and mesh a simple rectangle surface with no problem.

2. If I create two 2D rectangle from a sketch, I get an "Error: Invalid profile selection". What am I missing?

PSYMN April 23, 2010 10:16

Perhaps someone else can also contribute... I am only moderate in my DM skills, but here is my suggestion.

If you want the two rectangles to be continuous (one region), then remove the line from between them in the sketch.

If you want them to be two zones connected where they contact, then create the second rectangle in a second sketch...

viralnagar5692 June 15, 2016 03:56

2D surface
the problem is overlapping of two edges/lines, check the overlapping of entity and than remove it

diamondx June 15, 2016 05:46

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