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h.m lee April 27, 2010 19:25

uncover faces error
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After watching the demonstration 'Indy Car - Extreme' in ANSYS's demo room (, I create a simple geometry to practice this approach. This demonstration presents an approach that from surface mesh to boundary layer volume mesh then the rest volume mesh.
In lights of this approach, I created surface mesh, then prism, and tetra for the rest. After that, I checked the whole mesh, an error message, ' uncover faces' was reported.
How can I solve the matter?
And, I am using ICEM 12.1. A difference was found between my GUI (fig. 1) and the demonstration's (fig. 2).

h.m lee April 27, 2010 20:51

And the error meshes locate
And the error meshes locate between prisms and tetras.

PSYMN April 28, 2010 11:17

You have a volume material with "uncovered faces".

Solvers need the shell elements on the outside of volume materials so they can apply boundary conditions.

In your case, you must have the Prism volume material and tetra volume materials in different parts. ICEM CFD expects you to have a wall of shells between these parts.

It offers you a "fix" which is just to cover the uncovered faces with sell elements. But in this case the correct fix is just to put all the prism and tetra elements into the same part. you can do this lots of ways.

1) flood fill with a material point should take care of it. This is more proper because it will handle multiple different volume regions, but it does require you to create a material point.

2) If you only have one volume region, you could right click on your volume (FLUID) part and select "Add to Part". it will prompt you to select elements. Use the last button on the tool bar to select all volume elements.

Either way, all the volume elements will be added to the correct part(s) and your problem should go away.

h.m lee April 28, 2010 11:25

Thank you, Simon. I'll try and report the progress.

h.m lee April 28, 2010 11:37

I created a body, and ran flood fill. Then checked the meshes, everything OK.
Thank you.

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