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FilipeSilva April 28, 2010 16:34

Importing to Designmodeler from sketchup
Hello, i'm doing a work using Fluent to simulate the air flow over a porsche 911. It's very difficult to draw exactly a 3d model of the car, so i downloaded a 3d model of it from the sketchup warehouse and i exported it to dwg but when i import to designmodeler nothing happens. Anyone can help me? Should i use any other format? i tried with other software but doesn't work.

PSYMN April 29, 2010 09:07

Faceted Data Support
It is probably faceted data. DM does not support faceted data until 13.0.

In the mean time, you should export it as an STL file or something like that. Then go in thru FE Modeler (free with Workbench). Once in FE Modeler, use the skin tool. This creates a geometry.

You can send the geometry directly to ANSYS Meshing as Class A Bspline surfaces.

If the STL data was clean enough and if you have version 12.1, you might also be able to export the geometry as a Parasolid file. You would then be able to bring that Parasolid file into DM for further editing.

If you have trouble converting the model to real geometry, you will find that ICEM CFD Meshing is well equipped to work with and mesh directly from this sort of data. You can even find long CFD-online conversations about meshing a Porsche that will apply directly.

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