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brunorgs April 29, 2010 11:00

Geometry too large!
Hi there,
I am facing a strange problem in ICEM, and I wonder if someone could help me.
I have a fairly large (in terms of memory) geometry in ICEM (~430 MB). I needed just a small part of the model, so I erased almost the whole geometry and saved it, but the geometry file still have almost 430 MB! After I erased the whole geometry , all parts and dormant entities, but the geometry files is still near 430 MB. Someone have any idea of what is happening? Can the file be corrupt?


h.m lee April 30, 2010 09:51

Really? I wasn't aware of it before.
Can you explain the details of how you "erased the whole geometry , all parts and dormant entities"?

brunorgs April 30, 2010 13:39


Originally Posted by h.m lee (Post 257018)
Really? I wasn't aware of it before.
Can you explain the details of how you "erased the whole geometry , all parts and dormant entities"?

Hi. First I restored the dormant entities ("Restore Dormant Entities" button). Then I used the "Delete Any Entity" button with the hotkey "a", so that all geoetry is erased, visible or not, right? After, I erased all Parts manually and saved the geometry.

h.m lee April 30, 2010 14:01

I think surface is the most important, when a surface is deleted, its attached curves and points can be deleted permanently. But if a surface is still existed, it need points and curves to position itself.
Is there any help to your situation?

brunorgs April 30, 2010 16:57

Not sure if I understood. Once the surfaces and everything else is gone, what else can be done?

h.m lee April 30, 2010 18:30

try steps to delete entities:
1. delete the surfaces that you don't need at first;
2. delete the curves and points that were attached to the surfaces you had deleted.
let me know your result.

brunorgs May 3, 2010 09:19

I tried that, but the same thing occurred...

h.m lee May 3, 2010 11:19

I don't know what's the matter. In my experience, when some parts of geometry are deleted, the file size will decrease nearly proportionally.
If you can send me your file in compressed format to, I would like to try your case. Alternatively, you can take a shot at commands like ' save some geometry file as'.
Good luck

brunorgs May 3, 2010 15:08

I tried to save only the visible geometry, but it didn't work. If you don't mind to take a look, I've uploaded the geometry to this link:

Fortunately, the zipped file is much smaller than the original: 10 MB.

Thanks for the help,

PSYMN May 20, 2010 21:18

Shrink Tetin File
Tetin files are ASCII... (Text Files).

You can open them with a text editor (I recommend TextPad for such a large model, NotePad will choke).

In your example, you will see tons of messages about how often this model has been saved, etc. There are also lines about undo, etc.

You could try to delete these lines in here, but it will take you all day.

Another option is to go into ICEM CFD, you don't even need to load the big file. Under the Edit Menu, you will find an option for "Shrink Tetin File"

This function will prompt you to select the file you want to shrink, and then it will give you an opportunity to name the new file.

I your case, it shrunk this 426MB file down to 800K.

PSYMN May 20, 2010 21:20

Here are the messages from the message window... That is a lot of lines to remove... Usually, there are just a few dozen junk lines. Not sure how you got it so high.

Select tetin file to shrink
Save shrinked tetin file as
Reading tetin file Shrink.tin...done
Found 5441197 line(s) to remove

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