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amod_kumar May 1, 2010 04:38

Aspect Ratio of Quad in ICEM
The "Aspect Ratio" of a quad element in ICEM CFD is defined as the ratio of distanced between opposite vertices (shorter diagonal / longer diagonal). This definition imply that all regular rectangles (right-angled quadrilaterals with equal opposite sides) will have A.R. = 1 which is not correct.:confused:

Am I interpreting it wrongly?

Thank you for your attention!

PSYMN June 7, 2010 15:45

Bad doc
Yes, this is not correctly shown in the help :o A quick test reveals that it is calculating aspect ratio correctly and not how it is described in the help.

Thanks for catching and reporting this.

I think the actual calculation may be the ratio between oposite midsides instead of diagonal corners...

I have reported this to the doc team and they should fix it for the next release.

I will try to post the correct doc here if I remember. ;)

PSYMN June 8, 2010 19:39

Aspect Ratio of a Quad...
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We got the correct definition from Development and added it to the help. I created this image to help illustrate (we will put it into the help also).

Best regards (and thanks for catching this doc error),


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