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bbmorales May 4, 2010 09:01

[ICEM] One solid, two domains - how to?
Hello fellas

itīs a dumb question, but I donīt know how to do it, so here it goes...

Iīve imported a geometry - a solid - to ICEM and I need to split it into 3 different domains before it goes to CFX.

How to do it? I know I could, after meshing, select which volumes compose each domain, but this wouldnīt be very smart...

Iīve tried to build bodies - thought the ICEM Geometry tab - but they seem to have no effect.

Also, Iīm not looking to use any kind of GGI schemes, since the nodes at the interface between the domains match.

Thanks for any help!


Hi fellas.

Just to tell you I got the solution.

You just have to add the pre-mesh blocks to parts, each part a material.

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