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TxoniMoni May 5, 2010 11:38

[DM] Meshing with Design Modeler
Hi, I'm trying to lear Fluent, so I've started using Design Modeler for meshing, and need to know how to put a surface inside a Fluid. I want to put a boundary condition inside de fluid (I need to put a velocity condition to simulate a fan in a garage).

Please, could someone help me?

TxoniMoni May 9, 2010 16:01

Please help
Please, can anyone tell me how to put a boundary condition in a surface inside a volumen?

PSYMN May 20, 2010 14:35

Named Selections...
Do you mean you are representing your fan with a zero thickness (baffle) surface within your solid region?

You create all bocos with a named selection. right click on the surface and choose the named selection option. Name it what ever you want and then when you generate the mesh, that mesh will be in the component with a name that you can a select for bocos in Fluent.

However, if you are using older versions, you may have trouble meshing a baffle in ANSYS Meshing (DM is the geometry tool). Make sure you have 12.1, which can handle the mixed dimension parts. Alternatively, you could create a solid for the fan. It can be thin (make it one element thick), but not zero thickness. Then select the faces to create named selections for the special boco...

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