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Mudblood May 10, 2010 12:21

Creating Simple Geometry
I'm new to CFD and need to create a mesh in ICEM. The geometry that I need to create is quite simple. I need to create a rectangular prism with a relatively small cylinder inside running parallel to the long edge of the prism.

Could someone explain to me how to do this or direct me towards a tutorial? Everything that I can find about ICEM does not use ICEM itself to create geometries, but that is something that I need to do. Thanks!

PSYMN June 8, 2010 20:26

Geometry steps.
ICEM is a surface based modeler, so you build up geometries from entities.

in this case, you would start with 3 points from coordinates...

The first would be the middle of the circle, the second, a point on the radius and the third would establish the plane... So maybe 0 0 0, 0 1 0 and 1 0 0. Then create a circle with these three points. Pick the center first, then the point on the radius and then the point in the plane. This would give an R=1 circle.

Then create 4 more points. Lets imagine at -20 -20 0, -20 20 0, 80 -20 0 and 80 20 0. Then create curves and pick each pair of points. This would create a box 100 units long by 40 units tall.

Then to create the extrude depth, create a point in Z, such as 0 0 50.

Then use the surface create tools to extrude by a vector... Select the center of the circle and select the 0 0 50 point, then select all the curves. They will be extruded by the vector (0 0 50) to create the geometry. Then create surfaces from 2 to 4 curves and select the 4 curves on either side of the box to close it in.

Build topology (or modify surface => segment with a curve) to cut the sides of the box with the circles.

Finally, delete the round sides of the cylinder (assuming you don't want a solid material in the cylinder).

It is pretty easy for simple stuff, but not as flexible as more advanced CAD tools.

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