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Mudblood May 10, 2010 14:30

Setting Boundary Conditions
I'm following this tutorial ( ) which was written for Gambit. I am working in ICEM. I can't figure out how to apply the boundary conditions (velocity inlet, pressure outlet, axis wall).

I set my solver to Fluent 6, and went to Output --> Boundary Conditions. In this window, I went to Mixed/Unknown-->GEOM-->Create New, and created the boundary condition "velocity inlet" and it asked me to specify a zone. I don't know what the zones are, or how to specify them. Thanks for your time.

Brian_P May 10, 2010 21:12

Search for ICEM on youtube, some very nice tutorials.

PSYMN June 8, 2010 20:29

Default zone.
Just ignore the zones (leave them as zero). Those get more important if you are doing fancy things such as a rotating zone within a static zone...

If they are all set to zero, then they are all part of the same zone (zone 0, the default zone).

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