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joe82 May 14, 2010 02:36

Question from a beginner
I've been trying Ansys fluent to simulate some flow but somehow i think i have missed a general but important step which causes me to do extra work.
Generally, I create a model in Autodesk Inventor and let's say it's an assembly of multiple solid parts. What i do before transferring the model to Ansys is to create another solid part and extract the assembly from the solid part, which then becomes the fluid part for Ansys.
I wonder if there is a way to transfer the solid assembly straight to Ansys and define fluid zone there? and how?

PSYMN May 16, 2010 14:27

ANSYS Design Modeler can be used to create an enclosure region around your assembly and perform the subtraction. Its primary advantage is that it is designed for creating a CFD region around an assembly, but in in principle it is not very different from doing it in any CAD package.

If you are having some difficulty, try it out... Perhaps there are also some other features in DM that would be beneficial in terms of prepping your model for simulation.

However, if your current approach works well and is straight forward, then it is probably good enough.

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