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kdrbrk May 17, 2010 07:02

GAMBIT-meshing 20M elements with 3gb ram ???
I heard that we can mesh as much as we want by dividing the flow volumes into many sections. Than saving them each time.

Lets say the mesh you want needs 18gb RAM.
You have 3Gb.
Then you divide your flow wolume into 6
Mesh each of them, and save.
Close GAMBIT, open it again.
Keep meshing 6 times
Than you have 20M elements mesh...

Can it be possible? And how do we connect these meshes?

wjarrah May 22, 2010 07:22


When you reopen your .dbs (or whatever it is) file, to mesh the remaining volumes, I think that Gambit will load the already meshed volumes into your ram, so I am not sure meshing the whole volume part by part will help, but I can be wrong (I am a beginner)
But I know you can connect face meshes with the "Face mesh connect" tool located in the mesh command panel (or is it the geometric command panel)
Check all the box and search for "connect/link faces"

I hope this helped you

-mAx- May 25, 2010 01:41

You can work and create such mesh with your hardware configuration.
But the problem will come as you will try to export your mesh.
The workaround could be to create one dbs file for each volume (or several volumes), and define interfaces between volumes you export.
Then load each mesh in fluent : the first one as usual (file/read/case..) and the other with grid/zone/append case file...
Reconnect your meshes by defining interfaces (define/interface...)

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