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skyeaglecn May 19, 2010 11:05

how to topology a wing surface for MICRO UAV
I am cfd designer of a project about Micro UAV with a wing span about 15cm. The wing is contructed through a very thin skin which thickness is less than 0.01mm, and the carbon composite structure was used to bear the aerodynamics and sustain the shape. Please give me some topology strategy advice for this problem. Thank you very much.

PSYMN May 20, 2010 21:31

That sounds very interesting, but you haven't really given enough info to help you yet... Have you tried any of the Hexa tutorials? Have you started blocking this and run into problems?

Can you post any images? Does the model of the wing have thickness or do you model it with zero thickness (either is ok, but I need to know which to suggest the strategy, if it is uniform in cross section, it may be easier to model it with zero thickness) Can you tell us anything about the configuration?

Do you plan to model FSI (flutter)?

PSYMN May 21, 2010 16:05

Face to part...
Just to get you started sooner rather than later, I can tell you how to block a zero thickness surface.

Just create splits to block out the wing. Then to associate a face with the wing surface (to capture its shape and create the shell elements) use the option for "Associate Face to Surface" and the "Part" option. This will let you select the face(s) and then the wing part.

If you want a boundary layer, you could just set up distributions with the hgrid around a wing.

If you want to be fancy, you could create a CGRID (like in the youtube/ansysinc/ movie and then collapse the central block and the traliling blocks. THis would leave you with a triangular block at the leading edge, but that is probably ok.

You could also create it as an OGRID around the whole wing to have fewer elements passing back thru the volume. You would have triangular blocks in front and behind the wing. Or you could create the Ogrid around the wing plus some trailing edge space, then collapse the middle block to get the triangle ahead of the wing, and the second triangle some distance behind the wing.

Lots of options.

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