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artemis64s May 24, 2010 13:09

3d mesh around a wing using ICEM
I'm trying to do a structured mesh for a 3D Wing geometry on ICEM. i have made a wing geometry and imported it to ICEM using the iges format. Next, i have a rectangular flow domain using the create point on the geometry. Furthermore, i have created a block '3D bounding box' and associate the edges. Now, how to proceed next? I have been unable to generate a volume mesh? When i use the Update Mesh button, it only generates the mesh on the surfaces.. Any ideas would be appreciated as to what is the problem..

Furthermore, can anybody tell me how to create a simple o-block around the wing. My wing is tapered.

Thanking in anticipation.

PSYMN June 21, 2010 10:51

Late better than never?
Sorry, I am a month late getting to this question (I have been busy). Perhaps it is too late and you have figured it out and moved on... Or perhaps not.

There have been a few other questions on meshing wings recently, so I will try to take care of them all at once.

Can you tell me a little more about yours? Is the tip rounded? Is the trailing edge sharp, flat or rounded?

Also, reading your question again, perhaps your problem isn't with the topology... But is with getting a volume mesh... In ICEM CFD Hexa, we initially work with Premesh. This is more rapidly generated than an unstructured mesh and can be the precursor for either unstructured or multiblock structured mesh. If you want either of these other formats, you should right click on premesh and convert.

If you convert to unstructured mesh, it will load an unstructured mesh that you can export to your solver.

Perhaps going thru some tutorials would help with these procedural issues.

kepeng June 22, 2010 09:08

Expecting for your new post!
airfoil: round tip, sharp trailing edge
and the wing with same root and end airfoil, with an round end cap.

albatrossmechanic August 13, 2010 09:21

ICEM beginner
hi I am a beginner working with ICEM and I have a problem.when I,m trying to use orthogonality method for my sketch which is an airfoil in a designed domain,my mesh will be distroyed and I just don't know how to fix it?please help me

kashyap November 20, 2010 09:49

Trying to mesh 3D Naca0012
hey can any1 help me in going about to mesh a 3D naca0012 in ansys 12.1..... i've tried but failed several times.. pls can any1 help

KKPradeep September 23, 2011 06:13

ICEM CFD NACA 0012 3D modelling
Can anyone help in providing the NACA 0012 wing with wing span 2.791mt, root chord 0.29mt, tip chord 0.40mt

PSYMN September 23, 2011 07:59

Just google it...

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