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amod_kumar May 24, 2010 13:21

Meshing Issues in ICEM
Hello All,
Though I highly appreciate ICEM CFD, lately extensive usage of this software has revealed lot of weakness in this software. I hope my message reach to the development team:

1. Periodicity and Swept block: Even when periodicity is set on vertices, if an array of blocks encompassing the tow faces of periodic surfaces are marked as Swept, the priodicity gets lost. This is very troubling as you have no other option but the swept blocks to reduce the node count on parallel edges.:mad:

2. The "Pre-mesh Quality" under Blocking menu calculates Equi-angle Skewness of prism element zero. However, mesh quality under edit mesh seems to be OK. This is very time consuming.:confused:

3. The definition of ASPECT RATIO under Pre-mesh Quality and Edit Mesh Quality is on different scale. Why can't both the method reports A.R. on same scale (say either 0~1 or 1~ infinity).

4. The swept block method works well (i.e. generates good quality mesh) only when the associated faces are plane. On curved faces, they tend to make highly skewed hexa/prisms.

5. When blocking is active and user tries to set mesh count on a particular line or surface, the Edge Parameter setting on edges gets changed to some arbitrary number even when Update Parameters button has not been used. This is required in V12 where a surface mesh can be associated to free face of the swept block.

6. Many times when you use UNDO button, the colour scheme of parts under model tree gets changes to same colour.

7. Even when the geometry is a cuboid, it is impossible to generate All-Hex mesh without using Blocking technique. :mad:

With growing timeline pressure, I think it is wiser to recommend my manager to switch to other software such as ANSA or AutoGRID. I see no major development in ICEM since last 3~4 years.

PSYMN June 21, 2010 11:26


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