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val17lr May 28, 2010 06:40

ICEM windows disappears
Hello everybody!

I have a big problem: everytime I try to open a model file (when I press "apply" or "OK") with the workbench readers from ICEM, the ICEM windows disappear. Then I have to open a new ICEM window.
It even happens when I use the "LeftFemur.agdb" file from the tutorial!!

It happens with solidworks, catia, parasolid files... (and much others).

If somebody has an idea, because I made a pressure probe with solidworks, and I absolutly need to use this with ICEM.

I'm using Ansys 12 and Solidworks 10.

Sorry if my engish is poor, I'm french ;)

Hope you could help me



val17lr May 31, 2010 10:37

Up pleaaase!!

PSYMN May 31, 2010 22:09

Need more info?
I would love to help, but I would need more than this...

GO into settings and turn on the log file... OR go to the bottom of the message window and turn on that log file.

Then save your project first.

Then try your import. This way, we will at least see that messages came up in the message window.

If that doesn't work, perhaps a screen recording program would give us a better idea.

If you are licensed to use the software, this may be a good time to call tech support.


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