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Krish June 9, 2010 11:08

Gambit Merging edges
Hi I am having a problem with Gambit for my optimization code. I am trying to add an ice shape to my airfoil in a way that I can run a journal file via my optimization code.

The reason the solution need to be simple but effective is because the ice shape position will vary with each iteration. Therefore a suitable way to 'stick' the ice shape to the airfoil is needed.

The problem I have is that the curvature of the airfoil does not allow me to join the ice shape to the airfoil without actually calculating the correct distance and curvature to provide the correct rotation to the ice shape.

This method cannot be performed in an automated fashion regardless of how many variables I add to the journal file.

I need a method (or a tool that I do not know about) to help join the ice shape to the airfoil surface as neatly as possible. A poor join will not provide the accuracy of results I need. I am using real ice shapes but cannot add them here, instead I have attached a simple shape for reference purposes:

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Krish :D

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