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jsm June 10, 2010 01:11

Design modeler to ICEM
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Hi all,

When I tried to import the geometry from design modeler to ICEM CFD, the curves are not coming correctly.
For example, I created one cylinder in DM and imported in to ICEM. The two straight curves connecting two circles are not imported. This can be created easily in ICEM. But for bigger geometries, this is extra work. I think that I am missing some thing. Any idea to solve this?

mvoss June 10, 2010 08:25


if really needed, cut the cylinder in half before exporting to ICEM.


PSYMN June 10, 2010 11:13

Not a translation error.
I don't think that curve is in the DM model.

If you want seam curves in ICEM CFD (you don't want them for Octree and you don't need them for Hexa, but absolutely must have them for Patch Dependent surface meshing), you could try the "Geometry (tab) => Repair => Split folded surface"... Set the angle to 90 degrees.

jsm June 11, 2010 00:47


Originally Posted by neewbie (Post 262460)

if really needed, cut the cylinder in half before exporting to ICEM.


Yes. I can do this. But I think that it can be solved while importing the geometry itself.

jsm June 11, 2010 01:05

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply. You are correct. The curves are not created in DM. But when I import the same cylinder created in modeling softwares into ICEM CFD, I can get these curves. For further geometry modifications, these curves are really needed.

If I do geometry clean up for bigger imported geometries in DM and when I import it into ICEM, once again I am creating these curves. There is any option to create these curves while importing in ICEM CFD?

PSYMN June 11, 2010 08:28

Those other modelers must include that seam curve internally when they create the cylinder. The import just exposes what was already there.

The "Split folded surface" option I suggested can be applied to the entire model.

You can also find cylinders in your model with the feature detection stuff (under geometry tab => repair) and you can search for surfaces with high curvature (set it to 180 degrees) and put them into a subset.

I don't know of an import option to add these.

Just to say it again, only try to get those cylinder seams if you are doing patch conforming shell meshing.


jsm June 14, 2010 22:03

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply. Now I am using the procedure given by you.:)

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