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malkovitch June 11, 2010 00:30

hole in hybrid mesh
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I have a little issue, i tried to make a hybrid mesh but when i merged the unstructured mesh on the structured mesh, holes were created.
I think it is because of discretization's problem, i put a picture of my issue (enlargement).

i hope somebody could help me

have a good day


PSYMN June 11, 2010 08:21

Associate Edge to curves?
First of all, I assume you mean you tried to merge unstructured Tetra with Unstructured hexa?

ICEM CFD Merge Meshes is very robust at this but it has some specific requirements.

My guess is that both sides of the merge were not properly associated to the perimeter of the interface surface. Check your model with the display option (right click on mesh in the display tree) "as dots". This will display the nodes with color coded projection. Turn on just the Interface parts and make sure that both parts have green nodes around the perimeter of the interface surface.

It is also critical that the interface surface(s) be completely shared by both sides of the merge. Make sure that when the part(s) is on, you see quads and tri's overlapping everywhere, there shouldn't be only one side (with only quads or tris)...

If that is not clear enough, I am sure I have written it up more eloquently in previous posts. You could look one up.

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