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siw June 12, 2010 05:35

[ICEM] Mesh Densities and Replay Remeshing

For a 3-D mesh, if a mesh density volume is created by selecting points which are part of a geometry (i.e. if a mesh density volume extends along the trailing edge of a wing and was created by selecting the points at the wing root trailing edge and the wing tip trailing edge points) and this mesh is used for a CFX + rigid body solver simulation with the ICEM Replay Remeshing feature.

When the wing moves will the mesh density volume move as well so that it remains attached to the trailing edge?

(I'm only considering Tetra/Prism as I don't have the Hexa licence).


PSYMN June 13, 2010 22:43

How was it created...
It depends how it was created...

If the script creates the density by selecting points and the points have moved, then the script will take the location of the new points. That should be fully script-able.

However, if you do not include the creation in the script or if your creation is by XYZ location, then those will not adjust with the locations of the points as the wing moves...


siw June 14, 2010 02:07

Thanks Simon.

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