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pertupd June 14, 2010 02:56

Icem 12.1, O-grid - sweep combination
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Hi all,
I am trying to mesh quarter pipe (perforated on perimeter) making use of quarter O-grid blocking (in Hexa).
I would like to save some finite volumes and would like to use two sweet blocking direction in central part of the pipe.

First sweep block direction is along perimeter of the pipe, and is utilized to reduce no. of volumes in axial direction.
The second sweep, in most central part of the pipe, is to reduce no. of volumes in cross section of the pipe.

Problem is that icem, when generating mesh (project to survace), is trying to project face in the middle of the first sweep blocking to nearest surface and thus producing non-regular grid on the face. Icem treat the face as if it was boundary face, but in fact it is interior one. It does not help to disassociate edges of the face.

The only cure is to generate mesh projecting to edges only. But in general, it is not a solution. See attached pics. of resulting mesh in the first sweep middle face for the two projection setings.

How to impell Icem to treat the face as interior one?

Attachment 3762

Attachment 3763

Partial solution to the problem is to generate the quarter O-grid by hand (not using automatic O-grid split) and generating central block by hand.
In the case the middle face of the first sweep do not look to be treated as boundary. Though there is some problem when generating overall mesh. The mesh is not generated for the cental part (second sweep) and resulting mesh is only surface mesh.
What might happen in the case?

Thanks for every suggestion.

PSYMN June 18, 2010 14:00

Different volume parts?
Usually, if ICEM Hexa is trying to project an internal face to surface, it is because the blocks on either side of that face are in different volume parts so it assumes a boundary.

You can fix these issues generally (all the faces between any two volumes) or face by face using the Associate Face to Surface DEZ... Or you could just make sure that the blocks are in the same volume part.

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