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siw June 14, 2010 10:20

[ICEM] 2-D mesh with cell clustering query

I'm making a 2-D mesh for an external aerodynamics simulation (using Tetra/Prism and not Hexa). I've read in the ICEM Help Guide that Density regions cannot be created in this instance. So how can I control cell sizes in the flowfield (such as a trailing wake region) which are not attached to any domain boundary?

In CFX-Mesh I'd use Point/Line Controls but ICEM must be used here.

I did try to put in points and lines geometry and defining Cuvre Mesh Setup to them but found that they do not give a smooth growth of cells into the flowfield.


PSYMN June 18, 2010 14:05

You can cut up the surface and then set different sizes on the surfaces as well as the curves. There is an option under patch dependent meshing that takes these surface sizes into account (instead of just looking at the curve sizes...)

Another option would be to generate the mesh without the refinement and then use the Mesh editing to refine and re-mesh those critical areas.

Another option would be to use the density regions with Patch independent surface meshing... Only the patch dependent surface meshing ignores the density regions...

ICEM CFD or ICEM CFD Tetra licenses also allow access to ANSYS Meshing (which superseded CFX Mesh), can you use that? I think it would be closer to what you are used to.

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