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floriane June 16, 2010 03:56

tetrahedric method
I use the mesh of ANSYS, in the last version of fluent.
I am working on a very regular geometry, so I would prefer a structured mesh... But, unfortunatly I can read this message (even after having reset the mesh) "The CFX-Mesh Method has been superseded by the Patch Conforming Tetrahedral Method..."

I read tutorials, the help section, I search in every menu... And I didn't find the solution :confused::confused::confused:

PSYMN June 17, 2010 10:53

The unstructured tetra technology behind the CFX Mesh method has been replaced with the Patch Conforming Tetra method...

This was part of the consolidation of meshing technologies that was necessary after the Fluent acquisition. The new method is about 6 times faster and much more robust. Initially, it was a little less smooth, so CFX Mesh was still included at 12.0, but the Advancing front refinement added more recently (to 12.1 I think) sorts that problem out.

But CFX Mesh never had a structured meshing algorithm. Unless you are talking about the ICEM CFD based technology in CFX TurboGrid.

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