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pertupd June 18, 2010 06:25

Hexa to Sweep block conversion
Hi all,
When I try to convert a hexa block to swept block I got following error:

"neighbours on unstructured faces must be in VORFN error converting to swept"

Might it be because of fact that the block was created by hand (from vertices or faces - bottom-up approach, but not by splitting initial block - top-bottom approach ).
The VORFN is all around the blocking and definitly neighbour to the block.

How to go around the problem and convert the hexa block to swept one?

Thanks for suggestions.

PSYMN June 19, 2010 21:37

Sweep can't be interrupted.
If it turns out to be a real bug, I would be interested in getting the model from you for testing (if you are willing).

In the mean time, the error message is saying that you have real blocks (not Orphan Volume blocks) adjacent to your free blocks. In order to sweep, it must be able to sweep from one side of your model to the other. If there are any other blocks in the way, the sweep can't possibly proceed. Check upstream and downstream of you sweep... What do you see?

Another possibility is that you have an older version. I can't recall exactly when we first introduced swept blocks (version 11.0 maybe), but they have undergone several iterations of improvement since then. Hopefully you are using 12.1, so we are not talking about some old bug that we already fixed and forgotten about.


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