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rvallejo June 18, 2010 20:56

Meshing Multiple Domains at Once !
Dear Folks,

I´m trying to construct a mesh with multiple domains at once using CFX-MESH I have 3 simple domains (cylinder inside cylinder).

Surface Mesh works perfectly, the geometry doesn´t have errors, however Volume Mesh doesn´t work and show a geometry problem as error.

I´ve tried Ansys Meshing either and the same problem has occured. I redrew the geometry, but I got the same issue !

Is it possible to construct a mesh with multiple domains at once ? Is there any tip ?

Thank you in advance.


PSYMN June 19, 2010 21:49

What was the error message?
Yes, it is certainly possible. I am not sure what problem you are seeing...

What didn't work? What error did you see? Did it fail or did it just give you separate non connected meshes.

If the mesh is not connected, it is because you need to turn the separate parts into multi-body parts.

Maybe post a pic and/or give more detail about the problem.

Oh yea, nice last name...

Simon Pereira

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