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Jonny6001 June 20, 2010 04:48

Face mesh and scheme
Hello, I am looking at the SI engine tutorial by Fluent and the mesh file associated with it.
I have opened the mesh file in Gambit to look at the type of mesh required in the re-meshing zones, and I can't understand how they have meshed one region.

The image attached shows the region. Around the upper side of the valve, Fluent needs quad elements to be able to simply grow more quads for the dynamic mesh. But that face has both tri and quad elements but controlled nicely so the quad elements are only where needed, close to the head.
The face has been meshed using a Pave scheme.

If I was to simply re-mesh the face using the same scheme, I get a bad mesh that's nothing like what is currently there. There seems to be a definite line that separates the tri and quad zones but it's done as a single face, but there's no virtual geometry.

What I'm asking really is, how is this achieved and can I simply do it by splitting up the face in to tri and quad zones?

Thanks a lot.

-mAx- June 21, 2010 01:29

As you can see, the edges aren't connected. Indeed there should not be only one edge common for quad and tri, but 2 superposed, which are disconnected.
But in Fluent, you have to work with interface, since the meshed edges aren't connected

Jonny6001 June 21, 2010 02:27

Hi,thanks for the reply max.

Sorry I was unclear in my description. The face I mention is the larger one with both tri and quad. What i wanted to know is how is the face meshed with such control of element type as a single opperation, using pave scheme. You notice nice quad elements at the bottom of the face, with nothing to define the transition from tri to quad.

Thank you.

-mAx- June 21, 2010 02:57

ah ok... very interesting (I didn't see it).
I'm also curious to know how it is build.
For sure it is not a split.

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