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feizaghaee June 20, 2010 10:02

outlet shap changed
hi every one
i'm using icem. i'm modeling a tank with a circular outlet. i generated hexa mesh and i splited blocks at the outlet (outlet is placed at middel of the one side of the tank). when i open the icem file in CFX and select the outlet it seems to be a rectangular. is there any problem with mesh or geometery?
best regards

PSYMN June 21, 2010 09:48

If you mean that your outlet patch of mesh (as viewed in CFX) is rectangular...

My guess is that you didn't associate the edges (blocking) of the outlet to the curves (geometry). Therefore the outlet edges default projected to the surfaces instead making a rectangle instead of a circle.

To improve this, go back to ICEM CFD and associate the correct edges to the circle... You may also need to create an OGrid in this area to avoid the problems associated with mapping HGrid quads to a circle. At the bare minimum, go into the OGrid tool and select the outlet face as a face. This will automatically select the adjacent block. Hit apply.

Depending on your particular geometry, much better OGrid implementations may be possible, but I would need an image or tetin file to provide a better suggestion.

feizaghaee June 22, 2010 01:00

hi simon
tanx a lot for your comprehensive description.
i'll send a tetin file.

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