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skris2009 June 24, 2010 11:21

PointWise Boundary Conditions
5 domains (faces) together make up a single circular inlet boundary in my geometry. I specify the inlet boundary condition for all 5 faces (together) and export the mesh to Fluent.
However in Fluent, I get 5 different faces as inlets. I need to specify a fully developed profile on this circular face, hence cannot use 5 sub faces to do so.

How can I combine these domains into a single boundary conditions (and not for the mesh)?

Thanks in advance.

antonio June 24, 2010 12:42


I am using CFX but probably for fluent it`s similar.

If you´re using ansys-meshing you have to set the Selection Filter to Faces and select those faces you want to be part of that boundary . Then Right-click in the Model View and choose Create Named Selection, then enter some name for the Selection Name. The names assigned here will be transferred automatically to the solver.


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