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jc_muaddib June 25, 2010 06:11

automatically created parts...
Hi guys!
I need some enlightenments! :)
When I define a mesh with a relatively poor quality, ICEM creates some parts containing volume elements of the mesh... What's the meaning of this operation? Can it be a problem for simulating it with fluent?
Thanks a lot

PSYMN June 29, 2010 11:19

If you don't create a material point, ICEM CFD will try to create one for each zone. It is acceptable to fluent but may not be what you want to simulate.

You could try creating a material point yourself, then these won't happen. Instead, the mesh in these other regions would be deleted.

In your case, I am guessing you have coarse mesh that is creating some triangle boxes or something that traps volume mesh in tight areas. These trapped clumps are each being put into their own "CREATED_MATERIAL_*" part. Your best bet to fix that would be better geometry or finer mesh in those areas.

A picture would help me diagnose.

jc_muaddib June 30, 2010 04:38

Thanks for the answer!
Ok I guessed that it was something related to a coarse mesh problem, but I didn't get why ICEM did it. Now it's clear in my mind, thanks!
I tried to simulate and as you say it didn't generate an error in fluent, but the results weren't really what I expected... At the end I have refined my mesh and I am working with this new one on my simulation.

Best regards

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