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t_shirt June 27, 2010 11:32

Point and Curve INFO in ICEM CFD
Hi All,

In ICEM CFD how can we take point and CURVE info as we took from GAMBIT?

Is there any option for that if yes please let me know under which cammand?

Thank you

PSYMN June 28, 2010 11:18

Programmers Guide?
Look in the programmers guide (under Help).

If you are more specific with the question, I can be more specific with the answer.

Here are a couple cut and pastes from the help...

ic_geo_surface_edges_incident_to_curve surfname curvename

Returns the edges in a triangulated surface which are incident to a given curve.

ic_geo_get_point_location name

Given the name of a point, returns its location.

ic_geo_crv_length crvs t_min [0] t_max [1]

Computes the arc length of a curve segment.

crvs list of one or more curves
t_min lower limit of segment (unitized
t_max upper limit of segment (unitized
return list of computed arc lengths


t_min and t _max default to 0 and 1 respectively

For example usage see

There are also commands to do things with entities... etc.

ic_geo_cre_pnt_on_crv_at_par family name par crv

Creates a prescribed point on a curve at a parameter.

family family containing point
name name of created point
par curve parameter
crv name of curve to evaluate
return name of created point


The specified point name may be modified to resolve name collisions.

If the function returns with the error status set, the result string will contain an error message.

For example usage see

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