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kbodla June 28, 2010 16:58

Problem with reading .cas and .msh file in ICEM CFD
I have tried to import a .cas file(10 Mb) from FLUENT into ICEM CFD by using Import mesh from FLUENT option under file submenu as described in the tutorials.But ICEM CFD failed to read and exited with the error msg " Not able to open the file.Backend process has exited abnormally."
Can any one let me know what's the problem with it?

Tarak March 14, 2011 16:18

Hii Karthik,

I am facing the same problem while importing fluent mesh in ICEM. Can you please tell me whether you managed to find a solution to this?


kbodla March 14, 2011 16:29

I had to contact ANSYS people and came to know that ICEM CFD can only import all tetra/all hexa meshes and since I had a mixed mesh (both hexes and tetras), it was failing. I had to then generate an all tetra mesh for importing it into ICEM. Hope this helps.



Tarak March 14, 2011 16:50

Thanks a lot Karthik.

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