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dogo1234 June 30, 2010 16:33

exporting the modified mesh from ansys

I have a question regarding Ansys 12.1 and a mechanical simulation that has been run. I have a lot of experience with fluent but this workbench software is a whole new bag of worms. Currently I would like to export the structure that Ansys mechanical presents as results. I'm hoping to run a fluid simulation on the deformed structure, but when I export a mesh from ansys it just gives me the same mesh that I originally used. When presented with results ansys also exaggerates the results so that the problems in the structure are more identifiable. Is there is a way to export the modified structure that ansys presents as a mesh? Thanks ahead of time for all your help.

kellyjelly September 5, 2013 11:08

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Same problem with the deformed mesh. I want to use the results of the static structural mechanical for my CFD simulation. Any ideas?

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