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BrolY July 1, 2010 08:07

Multiple Bodies
We are working on a new project. There are two parts on this project: a first one is a CFD study, and a second one is a thermic study. But the client want to solve this case by making one calculation with CFX. So, we have some questions:

1) I have attached a picture of what we would like to do with ICEM. We have a primary domain filled with fluid, and inside it, there is a solid part. The mesh must be a structured one (unfortunately). The fluid volume have to be meshed, and also the interior of the solid volume. We thought creating 2 bodies, one for the fluid volume (FLUID) and another one for the solid volume (SOLID). Is that possible to do mesh such a thing with a structured mesh?

2) The second question is about CFX. I know you are specialized with ICEM, but maybe you could answer to our question. How do we specify the two bodies when we export our model to CFX?

PSYMM' answer:

Yes, it is very easy... Block it out as if you were trying to capture the larger region (the fluid in this case). Then instead of deleting the solid blocks (putting them in the VORFN part), right click on the SOLID part and select Add to Part. The last icon in the DEZ is Add Blocking Material. Click that and then select the blocks within the solid region.

Now that you have two materials, Hexa will automatically project the faces between them to the surfaces. When you output to CFX, you will have two materials which it will automatically handle as two separate bodies. The 2 sided faces between them will be available for applying thermal transfer properties.

PSYMN July 2, 2010 09:21

Did it work for you?
Thanks Alexandre,

Does this mean it worked for you?


BrolY July 5, 2010 11:04

We haven't tried it yet because the mesh is a little bit more complicated than we anticipated, but this is how we are going to proceed.
It should work ;)

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