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BrolY July 1, 2010 08:09

Split O grid

Two questions about blocking:
1) Is it better to smooth the pre-mesh before creating the O-grid?

2) I want to split my blocks to have a better control on the O grid.
Is is better to split the O-grid blocks or to split the blocks before doing the O-grid?

PSYMM's answer:

Nope, there is no point in smoothing the premesh before you are done blocking. When you recompute the premesh it tosses out the smoothed mesh and recomputes it from the blocking. However, you should make sure that your blocking is as good as it can be before adding complexity like an Ogrid.

For instance, make sure all the edge are associated and in place. If you create the ogrid before moving the original verts into place, the ogrid verts are created relative to the original verts, so you will now have to move two sets of verts into place. If you split an edge before associating the original to a long curve, you will now have to associate two edge segments instead of just one... Get the idea? Also, it gets harder to see what you are doing if you wait until your blocking is very complex before cleaning things up.

PSYMN July 2, 2010 09:23

Thanks again for posting my reply online. Hopefully it will benefit others also.

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