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karananand July 7, 2010 12:12

generating tetra mesh on various cylinders at the same time

I have a geometry where I want to create a hybrid mesh. There are 36 cylinders all oriented differently but about the same size. I want to create a volume mesh in the 36 cylinders of the same size and type (tet preferred). The problem is that the cylinders are spaced apart from each other and linked to a common geometry which has a mesh of its own.

Is it possible to mesh the cylinders all together in one go? or do i have to create separate body names for each cylinder and then mesh each one individually?
I tried meshing it in one go and the model states I have holes in the model as expected! I want each cylinder volume to be water tight but each cylinder is separated and i don't need a mesh in between.

PSYMN July 8, 2010 10:08

Flood Fill.
You can create material points with the same name (such as FLUID) in each of the cylinders and mesh them all at once. Or you could create material points in different names in each of the cylinders and mesh them at once, etc.

ICEM CFD Octree always meshes the whole model at once. Then Flood fill determines what keeps its mesh, what part that is in and what mesh is cut away (ORFN mesh).

If it says you have leakage, you may actually have holes in one or more of the cylinders. Along with that message, you get a jagged line that connects the material points thru the leak... Take a look along the path and see if you can figure out the problem.

Is there a missing surface, hole or gap? Is the material point on the surface instead of in the volume? Are there just two material points within a single volume?

karananand July 9, 2010 16:34

Hey. Thanks for the info. I got it. What I was doing was:
I made all the cylinders visible at the same time and kept all other geometry hidden. Selected all surfaces and created the material point by topology and and selecting the surfaces.
I had to create a material point individually for every cylinder and then go through the meshing.
I thought since I selected all surfaces and since all cylinders are far apart, material point would be created separately. However, it didn't.

Thanks for your reply!

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