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bob12 July 8, 2010 09:11

Ansys 12.1 - Quality mesh -
i have a 3D case and i have generate the mesh. if i analyze the result of the mesh i look that the quality it isn't the best. how can improve the mesh quality?
now i used a size function: curvature and fine type of mesh; i think the problem is a pipe with a low thikness 0,2 mm so i have used a body size with element size to 0.00065 m. naturally if i used a size more little that now the number are too big.
any suggestions are welcome

thank you

karananand July 16, 2010 12:59

What mesh software are you using? CFX mesher (from Workbench) or ICEM or Gambit?

azurespirit July 16, 2010 16:44

I have a similar issue with a Delta Wing. The enormous aspect ratio is causing problems, I am using ICEM for meshing. Please suggest ways to improve quality.

bob12 July 17, 2010 09:32

i use CFX workbench

karananand July 20, 2010 12:04

I have not used the workbench for meshing, so i will be of little help. I use ICEM. In there, quality problems are usually solved by changing the surface mesh. Check where the quality of the mesh is bad (usually it is the surface), then select the bad elements and use the edit mesh features to split the elements (volume elements, starting from the surface mesh, i.e. select the surface mesh side and split the volume mesh element touching the surface). Then use smoothing options.

It is always better that you have a coarser mesh. The quality tends to be better than a really fine mesh. So start with coarse mesh, apply smoothing, get quality mesh. Then refine this mesh, apply smoothing. Use splitting option at every step if necessary. usually this helps. Use smoothing with higher number of iterations if you want.

mrdelaunay December 11, 2010 14:04

why dont you slice your pipe in dm and sweep it? Then utilize a tet/prism for the rest of your model?

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