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korni July 14, 2010 06:23

Load unstructured hex-mesh as blocking in icemcfd
Hi all,
does anybody know if it is possible to load an unstructured hex mesh as blocking in icemcfd? I found the option under the load blocking menue. But I get a segmentation fault...

Regards Michael

PSYMN July 15, 2010 20:45

Should Work
Yup, it is possible. Not sure why you got a segmentation fault. Perhaps the resulting blocking was too complex or had unstructured regions or something and you ran out of memory while it was figuring everything out. It usually works for me and I have done some pretty interesting models.

Where did the model come from? Even though it was an unstructured mesh, did it come from a structured multi-block mesher (such as GridGen or TrueGrid)? Those usually work for me. I once had a spinal segment fail the first time (it was very complex), but there was a message (not a segmentation faliure) and it worked in the end. I don't recall what I had done wrong.

Purely Unstructured meshers may give you a mesh that can't be converted...

If you have access to TECH support, you could send it their way.


korni July 16, 2010 04:28

works on 32 bit machine
Dear Simon,

thank you for your answer. It retried it on a 32 bit machine and it worked. The segfault appears only on 64 bit machines (2.6.26-2-amd64 Kernel with debian-Linux).
I want to use the pure hex mesher from Ansys12 to generate an unstructured hex mesh for a very complex case and use that mesh as blocking. Do you think there is a chance that this works?

Regards Michael

PSYMN July 16, 2010 16:15

Will Submit a defect...
I will submit a bug about this and see what testing says...

As for your particular mesh, if it can properly be broken up into mapped hexa blocks, you should be fine... If some blocks contain swept triangles or swept strange hexa patterns you may have difficulty.


PSYMN July 21, 2010 17:40

Unsupported platform
Hello Michael,

I checked with testing and they don't officially support debian-Linux (or test on it). Actually, this is the first I have even heard of it. However, they assure me that this functionality is well tested (manually and in our scripted regression test suite) and works on our supported platforms such as SuSE 10 64 bit and RedHat 4/5 Linux 64bit systems.

For a full list of supported platforms, please see the install guide. ICEM CFD may run on other configurations (I guess it *mostly* works on debian Linux ;) ), but we have seen issues like this pop up.

Best regards,


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