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Saima July 15, 2010 14:27

Hi All,

I am writing script for airfoil in ICEM CFD. Some where in geometry i split edge at a point, but when i am writing script it takes as a coordinate like:

ic_hex_split_edge 55 43 0 1.68349 8.84739 0

Instead of taking coordiante i want to assign a point i have a point on the same position like pnt.06 at (x,y,z): (1.68349, 8.84739, 0)

but i dont know how i can write it in this line.

What does it mean by : 55 43 0, i know it splits in egde number 55 and 43 but what is "0" then?

Kindly let me know. I will be thankfull of u.

Thank you,

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