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dialolema July 22, 2010 21:00

problem with surface creation in ICEM from multiple curves
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Problem with surface creation in ICEM from multiple curves

While using ICEM, I draw 2d of my model subsequently I create parts for the curves, which would help defining the important boundaries. Consecutively, when I tried to create the surface for this 2d from all curves, ICEM collapses the smallest dimension.

I have attached the pictures in word document which shows the 2d drawing, the surface created and additional curves generated in the 2d geometry during surface creation as shown in Fig 1,2,3 respectively. The additional curve generated, which shown in fig 3, is extends from the smalles curve that collapses during surface creation.

I hope there is some one who could help solving this problem.

Thanks in advance



PSYMN August 2, 2010 15:33

Quick help...
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I am not sure exactly what the problem was, but I got around it by two steps...

(this was the first thing I tried, so not sure which step fixed it).

0) I didn't try this, but should have, so lets call it step 0. I should have tried adjusting the "tolerance" setting under "create Surface => From 2 to 4 curves (which also handles many curves in a planar situation like this). I see that it was currently set to 0.01, but your small feature was only just that size... Anyway, if try that also...

1) I guessed the problem had something to do with tolerances while building the surface. So I went to Settings => Model and reduced the tri-tolerance and geometry tolerance.

Then I went and created the surface. It didn't remove that little curve, but it also didn't create a proper bounded surface. Instead, it created an unbounded surface. Perhaps reducing the tolerance option on the surface creation would have fixed that (see step 0)... Anyway, I moved on and just ran build diagnostic topology to cut the surface out of the unbounded surface with the curves...

2) I reduced the Build topo tolerance to 1E-5.

Tada, that worked...

Attachment 4287

But then I figured you would probably want to use hexa to quickly block this out (more straight forward and with better control than any other method. You could try the quad mesher also, but I like Hexa best...)

It took about 5 minutes to get to this...

First, the basic blocking...
Attachment 4288

Then a basic mesh with basic sizings...
Attachment 4289

Then a basic smooth (orthogonality, just defaults, no nice wall bunching).

Attachment 4290

You would probably want to improve your distributions to get the density you want across the volume and near the walls... You may even want to put an extra little CGrid near the Oxygen inlet to refine the mesh and better model the plume...

Have fun. (I will send you my final files)

kobani October 27, 2014 14:14

surface creation from multiple curves in icem
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Dear Simon,

I have same problem has to do with surface creation from multiple curves in ICEM. I have drawn the 2D geometry in ICEM and have tried to create a surface from curves. However, I have encountered with same problem i.e. the surface isn't created. I have attached two images of the geometry before and after surface creation and also the related .tin file. Please help me out to resolve this problem

All the best.

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