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morteza08 July 23, 2010 02:17

mesh missing after export in gambit
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hi all
i modeled a delta wing (figure 1) in gambit..
i design two volume around interior volume within the exterior..
here are the steps i did for it::
1: import vertices coordinates of the wing..
2: making 5 edges,4faces and 1 volume for the wing..
3:designing the exterior volume
4;subtracting the wing from the exterior volume
5:designing interior volune
6:splitting the bigger volume with interior volume..i mean i devide the exterior volume into two parts.
7:after this , the wing volume is created again, i deleted it again..
now i have two vlolume, one between the wing and the interior volume,,,and the other between the the interior and exterior..
8: for meshing, first i mesh all 4 faces of the wing, then i mesh the space between wing and interior volume with small mesh, and then between interior vol. and exterior with coarse mesh..
9: then i define B.C for all 3 faces of the exterior vol as press. far field..
and define the all  volume as fluid..
10;; i export the model as mesh, and dbs..
it saves syccessfully both for dbs and mesh..
but when i import the mesh in fluent , or open the dbs file in gambit again the mesh wil changed,,,  i import the mesh file in gambit and i have the same problem ..i mean when i import them again the mesh the interior vol. and its mesh is vanished,,,also  three middle edges of the wing geomrtry is vanished too..
what will be the problem..?

and some other questions, for a delta wing in supersonic regime, is this a good modelling procedure,,,?
is it possible to create structured grid around this delta wing? plz tell me the good dimensions of the interior and exterior domains in according to the wing geometry...also what size of mesh will be enough for wing face and two vloumes?


-mAx- July 26, 2010 01:10

in picture 4.jpg, it seems you lost the volume mesh (only surface mesh seems to be displayed).
Before you export your mesh, check if all the volumes are meshed.
You can go to volume/summarize and filter your choice with unmeshed

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