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ibzyuk July 25, 2010 15:13

3d wing from 2d airfoil-volume sweep
Hi all,

I am trying to create a 3D wing in GAMBIT. I am using a 2D airfoil in a Cgrid. When i use Form Volume -Sweep Face, with path vector. I get an error :

ACIS error 95034 :Attempt to sweep a non-manifold face.
Sweeping or revolving face circl1 failed.

The two rectangle faces are made to 3D but the circle face with the airfoil fails.

Could anyone guide me how to resolve this please. Could it be due to the two airfoil edges ending at the same point (trailing edge ending at one point)?

Thanks in advance.

-mAx- July 26, 2010 01:15

you can try a workaround: copy your face with the desired vector, and then create (wireframe) the lateral surfaces.
And finally create (wireframe) the volume

ibzyuk July 26, 2010 02:56

Thanks Max for that , I am trying it out.

The semi-circle face with the airfoil , I have copied it with the required vector.

when you say create wireframe the lateral surfaces. Do I create the edges first to join the two semi-circle faces together then make them into a new surface?

-mAx- July 26, 2010 03:00

yes you need to "close" the lateral surfaces by joining your 2 semi-circles.

ibzyuk July 27, 2010 18:59

Hi Max,

I managed to create the 3D volume of the semi-circle. Many thanks!

I have meshed both sides of the 3D cgrid and have created the volume mesh for the two cubiod parts.

When I try to create a volume mesh for the semi-circle I am getting the below error:

"volume circle3d cannot be meshed because two sets of source faces which form natural starts for the projections could not be found"

I am trying to do a hex mesh type Cooper and giving the two semi-circles as the sources.

Do you know what is causing this and what I can do to fix this?

-mAx- July 28, 2010 05:35

a picture may help to understand... :)
you can try to split the volume into 2 simpliest volumes

ibzyuk July 28, 2010 05:55

sorry about that Max :D, I did think of adding my Gambit files , but it was 17Mb. Is there a place I can upload it. Or would a tiff image or even generate mesh do.
I will not be able to do send it untill later on this evening.

-mAx- July 28, 2010 06:49

just a picture of the volume giving you trouble

ibzyuk July 28, 2010 16:56

1 Attachment(s)
Attached is the image. The semi-circle volume part is what is giving me a problem.

-mAx- July 29, 2010 01:55

I suppose you have an airfoil or something like this at the center of semi-circles.
I would split the volume along the airfoil geometry, like this : Attachment 3013 (see

ibzyuk July 29, 2010 02:56

Yes in the centre is the airfoil. I will give it ago and let you know how I get on.
I just relised that the wing I am modeling does not have the same chord lenght accross the wing and has rounded tips. I will create a CAD drawing then import into Gambit and start again.

Thanks Max for all your help!

nvtrieu August 4, 2010 00:55

Hello ibzyuk,

I've generated mesh for 3D wing in GAMBIT. The first time I also got the same error with yours. Then I solved it by let the gap between two surfaces of the foil at the trailing edge (I used NACA 0012). Now the mesh works well!

Good luck!

ibzyuk August 5, 2010 02:31

Hi Nvtrieu,

Thanks for that. I did initially try this leaving a gap at the trailing edge, but ran into a few problems. The airfoil I am using is the FX63-137 which is not symmetrical on the x-axis. I took 0.001 of each of the airfoil edge , but when trying to set the surfaces they did not line up. I was following this tutorial:

Do you have any ideas how I can overcome the airfoil not being symmetrical?

nvtrieu August 5, 2010 03:02

Hi ibrahim,

I also followed that thesis. First step, I create two curves that will be used to make the upper and lower surface later, then use a straight like to connect them at the trailing edge. Then save it in iges file. Second, import the iges file into GAMBIT. After create the faces, the volume is created by using Sweep face function. So in the first step, if we donnt let the gap at the trailing edge, we cannot create the volume for the semi-circle face!
Okay, I haven't meshed on non-symmetric foil. However, I think they should be meshed in the same process. So, I just suggest you try to do it one more time then we'll see what happen.
Good luck!

Trieu. May 2, 2012 19:52

Hi guys,
I have a same problem about sweeping the ellipse edge, when I use sweep edge to create the surface, I receive the following error:
the edge being swept has moved from its original location. Try changing the default GEOMETRY.VOLUME.SWEEP_PATH_ALIGNMENT to 1 or try aligning the path(edge/vector) to start from edge being swept.
ERROR: sweeping or revolving edge edge.3 failed
I would really appreciated if you let me know what the problem is?!

asmita April 10, 2013 20:03

I have the same error ACIS 95034-attempt to sweep a non-manifold.
I am trying to sweep a face in Gambit to create a volume.The face contains two blades of a turbine with rectangle surrounding it.I want to create separate volumes for the turbine and the rectangle.Can anyone help me please..?

-mAx- April 11, 2013 03:18

post pictures

asmita April 11, 2013 11:15

1 Attachment(s)
Hello, I have attached the photo.I tried using split face option and split faced the rectangle and turbine. I also want to mesh the face before sweeping it. PLease can you help me

asmita April 11, 2013 18:37

please help me as soon as possible.
Thank You in advance

-mAx- April 12, 2013 07:13

sweep the blades for getting volume
sweep (or create your outer box as volume)
substract blades volume from outer box

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