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Bedotto July 27, 2010 11:08

How to change the nature of boundary conditions ?
Hello everyone,

I'm a beginner with Icem and I have a little problem here. I've created a mesh with Icem and I've exported it in .msh for fluent. In this mesh I created curves in order to build the structure of my mesh (2D, path dependance), physically these curves are virtual and I would like to define them with the boundary condition: Interior. But I can't! I've the choice between Velocity inlet, pressure outlet, etc.... How can I modify the boundary value of these curves?

I think the fact that these curves are the frontier between differents meshes is the core of the problem...Maybe the key is to merge all meshes in order to have only one mesh finally? But how can we merge 2d meshes in ICEM?

My best regards


PSYMN August 2, 2010 16:08

How did you generate it?
Right, it is a "single" sided edge, meaning that it only has shell elements on one side of it. This limits its possible bocos and does not include "internal" (which would only be valid for double sided edges (with shells on both sides).

In order too suggest the easiest way to stitch this up, I need to know what kind of mesh it is and how you generated it...? Was there much mesh editing or did you just generate it that way...?

A pic would help.


Bedotto August 5, 2010 12:19

Thanks for the reply PSYMN. I have found the solution by activating "Respect line elements" in mesh parameters. Thus the mesh sees the edge as an internale element of the mesh!

PSYMN August 6, 2010 00:12

Great, glad you figured it out...

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