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az_f July 28, 2010 23:18

Problem with Remeshing element
Hi All,
In my model the interface between two parts is important. So I did run the tet mesh for all model and then Remesh the interface with All tri option to make it better. but when I apply prism mesh for the model, ICEM didn't show any element on the part with remeshing element. I don't know why???
Any suggestion

PSYMN July 29, 2010 09:27

When you remeshed the surface, what part were the new tri elements in? The prism growth is based on the element part name, not the underlying surface part name. You need to make sure the triangles are in the correct part. There are commands under edit mesh to take this part name from the underlying surfaces.

When you remeshed the surface, did you leave the tetra mesh there? In other words, is the tetra mesh still connected (conformal) node for node with the surface mesh? You will probably need to delete and regenerate the tetra mesh from the new surface mesh, or at least use the repair option to "Make Consistent" so the existing volume mesh can be made consistent with the new surface mesh.

Not sure what else it could be... If these first guesses are not right, you will need to provide more info... Maybe a pic.

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