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Sofia August 2, 2010 05:39

v10 and v11 compatibility problem
Hi everybody!
I'm currently using ICEM CFD v10 on a rae2822 airfoil. I'm using a geometry imported from ICEM v11. I have imported it by using File>>Import Geometry>>STEP/IGESY>> my file *.stp. I had to select "Use version 5.1 step translator" to keep my geometrical scaling. But it seems that i have compatibility errors (i made the same work on a v11).

Does anyone knows how i can do a proper importation of a v11 geometry on a v10 Icem please??

PSYMN August 3, 2010 22:00

Save Geometry as version
Don't convert back to IGES... If you already have the ICEM CFD Version 11 Tetin file (*.tin), Just load that file in V11 and then go to File (menu) => Geometry => Save Geometry as version => Version 10 File...

But just out of curiosity, why are you going back to version 10?


Sofia August 4, 2010 07:58

Thank you!!

I have the v10 on my computer but the geometry I received was a v11 one!

PSYMN August 4, 2010 21:36

So are you set then?

There is a text editor way you can fix the files without having 11.0 on hand to fix it for you. You just need to delete a line, I don't quite recall the details since I havn't needed 10.0 for a long time, but can try to dig it up if you need it. Send me the error message you got since that will help me remember.

I still recommend updating to 12.1.


Sofia August 5, 2010 07:29

Yes, the problem is solved with the saving procedure! Thank you very much Simon!

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