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Rich1979 August 13, 2010 04:23

Moving Mesh on a Savonius VAWT
Hi guys,
i have a question about the geometry of a 2d savonius with moving mesh.
I am developing a chart of the various coefficients (cd,cl,cm) for different incidence angles with a
velocity of 20 m/s (inlet).
I have already made the static study with a mesh of about 2 millions cells : my vawt is large about 2,4m
and my domain is 20mx20m.
Now to make the moving mesh,what have i to do?I know i have to make a smaller domain near the profile (about 2,5x2,5m)
with gambit,but i am not sure.
Once i have made the inner domain and splitted the faces how i proceed?I have read the tutorial about the moving mesh for
fluent but i have not well understood how proceed.
Thanks guys,regards,

-mAx- August 16, 2010 02:39

The question is: do you want to use Moving Mesh or Sliding Mesh?
With Sliding Mesh you can define interface between rotor and stator. It will be easier than Moving Mesh

Rich1979 August 16, 2010 04:00

Max you always come in my help (i have not forgotten your help in my mesh making of the 2d Savonius),so thanks again.
Yes, i am going to use the sliding mesh using interfaces.
Reading around i have planned to make 2 different geometries (and then use t-grid to create the final mesh) :
1)A large disc with a hole inside with the outer edge of the inner circle setted as interface and the outer edge of the large disc setted as velocity inlet.I meshed it with a quad map.
2)A disc of the same size of the inner circle with the "s" profile of my savonius inside and i'd like to mesh it with a simple tri-pave but i have the problem (suggested by you in the other post) of the different mesh size.You suggest me to use the size function,but since i have never used it,have you some suggestions?Thanks as ever,regards

-mAx- August 16, 2010 05:14

Ok then it is not moving mesh (no layering - smoothing or remeshing).
Pay attention that mesh on interfaces should be on the same order regarding cell size

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