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Rich1979 August 14, 2010 02:27

Error on simple mesh
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Hi guys,
i have made a simple geometry of a "S" profile of a savonius inside a circle,which i use as domain.
I have meshed the edges of the profile and the domain,but when i try to mesh the face (split between domain and profile) with a simple tri-pave,gambit gives me an error about a "zero lenght front edge" and saying that mesh size is smaller than geometrical tollerance.
My geometry is quite simple and i have attached it in this post.
Could someone kindly help me?Thx and regards.

-mAx- August 16, 2010 02:58

you cannot mesh your surface as you did.
There is to much cell's size difference.
You need to use size function.

Rich1979 August 16, 2010 04:33

Hi Max,I have answered on the other thread about the sliding mesh.

-mAx- August 16, 2010 05:21

Regarding size function, the modeling guide is well described.
In your case I would delete all the mesh edges, and then apply a SF (fixed) on the small edges from savonius (the one with size 0.5).
Let say you want cell size about 0.05, with growth rate 1.1 and max cell size 1.
Try with those parameters, and adapt with your wish.

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