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Matin.K.2 August 20, 2010 11:32

Any output format file similar to neutral file in Gambit

Anybody knows is there any type of output file in Icem which includes all the coordinates , the connectivity, and the boundary conditions for 3_D mesh, explicitly? (like neutral file in Gambit).


Femgineer July 24, 2013 06:09

Same problem!
This is exactly what I want to know.
Have you had any headway with finding anything?

Matin.K.2 April 9, 2015 19:46

It is very old thread. Though I thought it may be useful to some people.

The closest format to Neutral file ( Gambit ) that I found in ICEM CFD is *.cfx5

You may use *.cfx5 format. It includes coordinates, the connectivity and the boundary faces. Though I could not find a manual document for its format. Then, for tetrahedral element I figured it out myself how to get the boundary faces.

The coordinates and the connectivity section is quite straightforward
, however the boundary section is a little tricky.
In the boundary section you would find something like,

NN BoundaryName
a A b B c C ...

NN: is an integer and represent number of faces on BoundaryName
BoundaryName: is a string and it is the name of your boundary defined in ICEM CFD.

lower case ( a,b,c): are integers and show number of elements that the boundary faces belong to.

upper case ( A,B,C): are integers and show which face of an element we are looking for.

For example if a boundary named as "wall" include 8 faces. The cell type is Tetrahedral. Then, we may see something like:

3 3 2 2 15 3 14 2 27 3
26 2 39 3 38 2

first face on the boundary "WALL" belongs to the face number 3 of element number 3.

and Third face on the boundary "WALL" belongs to face number 3 of element number 15

For a tetrahedra there are four nodes for each cell, numbered as 0 1 2 3

face 1 includes : 2,0,1
face 2 includes: 1,3,0
face 3 includes: 1,3,2
face 4 includes: 0,2,3

As probably you noticed numbering of faces are different of one in the *.neu file (Gambit).


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